17CCC invites papers reporting theoretical and/or practical results that advance state-of-the-art or present relevant applications or cases in the areas of Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation. A special session will be dedicated to undergraduate students doing research activities.

The Colombian Conference on Computing (CCC) is a yearly meeting organized by the Colombian Society for Computing ( This conference series aims to strengthen the scientific background of Colombia’s informatics and computing community by gathering Colombian and foreign researchers, students, and practitioners.

17CCC will take place in a presential modality at the Universidad EAFIT campus. It will act in alliance with RENATA (National Academic Network of Advanced Technology) and be joined in specific committees by other Colombian and foreign institutions. 


Abstract submission 22 May 2023

Manuscript submission 30 May 2023

Acceptance Decision 23 June 2023

Final version submission 15 July 2023

Event 17CCC 10 and 11 August 2023

Envío de artículos

The Program Committee administering manuscript reviews contains research faculty of Universidad EAFIT and the Colombian Society for Computing (SCo2) members. The manuscript reviews will be double-blind by invited Colombian and foreign experts. We invite high-quality submissions of technical research papers describing original and unpublished research results considering the following.

Manuscript Types and Content

Authors who wish to participate in 17CCC should submit either original, unpublished material in (a) a full paper, (b) a short paper, or (c) a poster.

Initial Submission format:

Portable Document Format (PDF) file

Manuscript size, language:

Full paper: 12 pages (only English)

Short paper: 6 pages (English or Spanish)

Poster: 1 page (English or Spanish)

The limit on the number of pages will be strictly enforced in the admission of the manuscript to the review process

Review Type:

Double-blind. Authors should remove from the initial submission all information and expressions which indicate their identity. Such data will be allowed in the final manuscript version.

Manuscript format:

LaTEX or Microsoft Word format specified on page:

Manuscripts whose format departs from this Latex specification will not be published.




  1. Software Engineering and Information Technology Architectures
  2. Human Machine Interaction
  3. Cyber-Physical Systems
  4. Cyber and Information Security
  5. Image Processing and Computer Vision
  6. Robotics in Industry 4.0
  7. Artificial Intelligence
  8. Digital Learning – E-Learning
  9. Knowledge and Information Management
  10. Distributed Systems and Large Scale Computing
  11. Formal Methods in Computing Systems
  12. Scientific Applications
  13. Industrial Applications, Industry 4.0, and Precision Agriculture
  14. Computational Statistics

Submission System


Conference Coordinator :

  • Prof. Dr. Marta Silvia Tabares-Betancur Universidad EAFIT, COLOMBIA

Organizing Committee Universidad EAFIT, Colombia:

  • Prof Dr. Paola Andrea Vallejo Correa
  • Prof Dr. Edwin Montoya Múnera
  • Prof Dr. Biviana Marcela Suarez Sierra
  • Prof Dr. Jose Lisandro Aguilar Castro
  • Prof Dr. Oscar Ruiz-Salguero

Program Committe:

  • Prof Dr. Liliana Gonzalez Palacio (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Daniel Correa Botero (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Juan David Martinez Vargas (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Sergio Steven Ramirez Rico (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Biviana Marcela Suarez Sierra (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Oscar Ruiz-Salguero (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Henry Laniado (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Jose Lisandro Aguilar Castro(U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Elizabeth Suescún Monsalve (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Juan Carlos Montoya Mendoza (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Henry Laniado Rodas (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Edison Valencia Diaz (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Andrés Sicard (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. Juan Guillermo Lalinde (U. EAFIT)
  • Prof Dr. César Jaramillo (UTP)
  • Prof Dr. Cesar Collazos (Unicauca)
  • Prof Dr. Johany A. Carreño (UCN)
  • Prof Dr. Jairo Serrano (UTB)
  • Prof Dr. Julio Hurtado (Unicauca)
  • Prof Dr. Mariela Curiel (PUJ)
  • Prof Dr. Marco Suarez (UPTC)
  • Prof Dr. Maria Clara Gómez (U.Medellín)
  • Prof Dr. Bell Manrique (U.Medellín)
  • Prof Dr. Edilberto Cepeda (UNAL)
  • Prof Dr. Julián Moreno (UNAL)
  • Prof Dr. Francisco Moreno (UNAL)
  • Prof Dr. Fernan Villa (UNAL)
  • Prof Dr. Jhon William Branch (UNAL)


Medellín – Colombia


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